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gonna take requests again!!

2017-08-14 04:06:54 by Alef321

Send me any kind of sketch in any quality or format and I will redraw it on my style FOR FREE :) 
(pay if you wish to via patreon)
you can send it to

I will name you on the piece too 2557376_150269767182_treino01keeponnnn.jpg

you can also send a picture of your face and I will draw it on my style, this one is paid tou ($5 via paypal) 

here's some examples:

So I made a patreon page!! I did it so any requests and sorts are just easily done trought there and if anyone cares about my work , I can get some money out of it. 
More information is right there on the page, I will obviously still use newgrounds and keep posting my art here because I love this place.

About file size on drawings/other projects

2015-05-23 03:15:50 by Alef321

2557376_143236530871_gogopeso.jpgSo,what to do when your files start getting super sized big? 

this is about my Gogo Overdrive illustration , a work that 5000x3000 and has 600mb file size
Is it worth to high resolution filled with pixels stuff or just stick to low quality?

you can barely notice differences from afar but when you zoom in difference is more visible.

2557376_140827522621_ugglyrheel.jpgIam really trying to keep my style as original as possible while improving it with stuff from other digital artists,but it's so hard... 

a lot of artists that get huge atention basically create pieces of art that have amazing concepts and/or ideas.
even on daily speedpaints the good stuff is being ignored ,people really are looking for quality ideas on the drawing itself WITH good artstyle,not just the good artstyle huh

if anyone reads this I would love to know you guys' opinions

p.s: sorry for the bad grammer.

How much is too much!?

2014-04-02 21:01:02 by Alef321

2557376_139648662372_femalepudgecensor.jpg Lately I've been training with nude bodies and female stuff( which is rare for me since I  disgust exagerated female parts and shitty animu look)

now I find myself on a hole.... should I keep doing this? will I turn into some kind of Shadling doing horryfying stuff...

even if my paiting style and line art improves... I don't wanna waste it ...

2014!! so many stuff already done!

2014-01-05 21:01:17 by Alef321

2557376_138897336913_wolfymaia.bmpSo yeah , 2014 is now and lately I've been so hype doing so many stuff like

  • -Voice acting clip records(I do those if you need voices
  • ​-Many drawnings(with actual new ways of paiting)
  • -Saying people I will do art for them(I hope i deliver it lol) I would love to receive some ideas for drawning btw, for me its all about the crazy stuff people can think off that dosen't include porn and/or penises...

Hope ya NG doods have a great year filled with fun

art is getting stagnated

2013-11-29 19:21:56 by Alef321

Goddamit, Im starting to do all art thingy the exac same way over and over again ,dosent matter if i put 5 or 1 day on a single drawn, the results looks boring to me ...
I need to change the workflow or some crap quickly!

If anyone ever felt like this ,i would love to hear tips

art is getting stagnated


2013-01-06 00:37:12 by Alef321

Hey I know how to use zbrush,its pretty cool

I would love to get requests or receive ideas from you guys! just bring it on and I'll do my best



2011-09-26 14:31:52 by Alef321

well I just wanna say thanks for all the people that apreciate my style..i know its not perfect and I dont want to, i just want to my art be unique and very charming .

I will proudly accept more requests if yours idea is catch my atention

BTW-Deviantart has been sucking so much ballz...that I barely care about posting stuff there so thanks again Newgrounds =D


Newgrounds is made of Pervs

2011-05-14 11:29:14 by Alef321

ARE PLEOPLE HERE THAT PERVERTED!? I made this art called ''Star Knight'' and just because the thumbnail is a hot tan body, and the art is M for Mature I got 600 views in 5 hours...while other arts like ''Allow me'' got 300 views in months... D: This is so ... funny- Imagine If I made some hentai .

Newgrounds is made of Pervs